Maximum Overdrive Park City

In 1986, Steven King directed the movie “Maximum Overdrive.” Who knew in 2019 that we’d be living it. In a two hour period on 9/12, the Park City Police Department pulled over 20 trucks for inspection. 65%, or 13 of the trucks, were taken off the road. There were 169 violations among the trucks tested.

It’s unreal. So unreal that we can only conclude that there is something else going on. Who in their right mind would drive a semi-truck into the heart of Park City when it could kill people? Why would 13 semi-trucks drive dangerously into the heart of Park City?

Is it terrorism? Is it capitalism? Are they the same thing? More likely artificial intelligence is out of our control. Therefore our only conclusion is that the machines have taken over.

Thank you Steven King for giving us 30 years to prepare for our worst fear.

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