Be a man, vote for Nan

Local community groups are up in arms over Park City Council Candidate, Nan Worrel’s, entry in the annual Miner Day Parade. Multiple Parkites reported that Ms. Worrel’s supporters were chanting, “Be a man, vote for Nan” as they made their way along the Miner’s Day parade route.

Long-time resident Shiela Johnson told The Park City Weekly, “It was really disturbing. I’m gender-neutral and don’t understand why I would need to be a man to vote for Nan. If she only wants men to vote for her, then at least part of me is out.”

Local historian Jill Mason said it reminded her of a Nazi march in 1936. “Each time they chanted, Be a man … I was triggered.” She also commented that the supporters may have been chanting “be a fan, vote for Nan.” Yet, she isn’t willing to excuse that, either. “If they are chanting it means there is witchcraft involved. Do you want a Nazi or a witch on the City Council? Nither is good.”

Calls to Ms. Worell’s campaign were not immediately answered. So we are left wondering why her campaign is channeling Nazi symbolism or supporting witchcraft. It’s strange times indeed.

Voters will decide in November.

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