Park City High School students come together for a worthy cause

Park City High School students are the most caring, considerate, intelligent, logical, and loving young-adults in the country. It’s no wonder that they have come together for such a worthy cause.

This weekend PCHS students from Deer Valley to Glenwild and Trailside to the Trails have come together for a very special cause. Partying for a purpose.

Students from around Park City were attending house-parties with thirty to forty of their closest friends — and without masks. Park City High Student-Council chairperson Fredrick Von Neuman explained, “School honestly sucks. If we can only get 20-30 cases of Covid at each school in Park City, we can shut the whole m*therfu**in thing down. If those of us who have younger siblings can then infect them, we can free all children of this Capitalist burden. No one should have to go to school!”

Student Council Vice-President Mindy Chalmers added, “And we worry about the teachers. It’s not fair for them to have to risk it all to teach when any one of them could get infected any day. They could die from this. So, if we can get hundreds of students infected, they won’t have to worry anymore.”

So Fredrick, Mindy, and hundreds of other Park City High School Students are taking things into heir own hands. According to Mindy, “If all of us students get infected, then the schools will have to shut down. The teachers won’t have to teach any more. How sweet will that be for us and I guess for them.”

So, that appears to be PCHS students’ goals. Neuman said, “We’re all in this together. We’re not completely self-centered fucking assholes who want to party. We want to set everyone free — even if a few people have to die because of our actions. A hero of mine, John F Kennedy, once said, ‘One death is a tragedy but a million deaths are a statistic.’ We are going to be such a better tourist destination becaue of this.”

We’re excited to see where this goes and how this new group of Park City leaders make their mark on the town. This is definitely the new normal.

We are so pleased to see the next generation of Parkites step up with such great ideas and a call to action. Only through their selfless acts to infect us all can we realize our potential.

Thank you Park City High School Students.