Wells Fargo balloon finally takes flight

After years of trying, the Wells Fargo Stagecoach balloon was finally able to take flight at this year’s Autumn Aloft Balloon Festival. The 100 foot wide and 90 foot tall monstrosity, dubbed the Spruce goose by fellow balloonists, had never managed to take-off at Park City’s premier balloon event.

“It was a little embarrassing,” said Lacy Chamberlain, the head of Wells Fargo’s Ballooning unit. “We had tried for years to take flight but we just didn’t have the resources to make the stagecoach fly. Then we got an idea.”

That’s when she said the change happened. “We realized that we had the resources of the bank at our disposal. Remember when our bank opened thousands of fraudulent accounts a few years ago? That made us bazillions of dollars. We took that money and pumped it into our balloon.”

And those dollars must have been lighter than air. For the first time, The Spruce Goose The Stage Coach balloon, actually took flight.

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