Group raising money to preserve beloved property

A local group has a message for Park City. “We’ve saved our open space, now it’s time to save the rest.” The group, which calls itself, “Save our Strip Malls” has launched a $15 million GoFundMe campaign to buy part of the Holiday Village Shopping Center.

In early January, Holiday Village Shopping Center LLC announced they were selling the building that contains the movie theater, Park City TV, and other businesses located at the intersection of Kearns and Park Avenue for $11 million. “That’s when we knew we had to do something,” said group founder Joe Smithson. “Could you imagine if Sundance purchased the property and put in a real movie complex? Or if Park City purchased the property as part of its new Arts District and upgraded the property? It would change the whole dynamic along the entrance to Park City. We would no longer have the look of a run-down, second-rate ski town.”

Smithson says he has received overwhelming support from across the community. “We’ve really tried to tap into Not In My Back Yard mentality prevalent throughout Park City. ” Smithson said the group is going to pay over $4 million more than asking price to secure the property. “With something so important, you have to really let the buyer know you are serious.”

Smithson says the group has already raised over $10 million dollars, mostly from the Park Meadows area. If you’d like to support this worthwhile effort, you can find more information on Next Door and at

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