Park City Voters Upset Over Election Process

While by all accounts this year’s election cycle went smoothly, a number of Parkites are upset about the mail in ballot process. Glenwild voter, Marge Henecock is so enraged that she has started a twitter campaign #nomoremailinvotesforparkcity. Henecock says, “I’ve been voting for years in Park City and have always received an ‘I Voted’ sticker but with this silly mail in ballot, I didn’t get one. How are people supposed to know I did my civic duty?”

Jeremy Ranch resident Mary Shallot shares Henecock’s concern. “I’ve been going for years to the LDS Church to vote and they always give me a sticker. I then proudly wear it to the supermarket where I ask every who isn’t wearing a sticker if they have voted yet.” Shallot says its her way of making sure others are doing the right thing. “If a person doesn’t vote, they aren’t a real American,” says Shallot.

Henecock says her protest won’t stop with Twitter. Hennecock says she plans to run for county Clerk during the next election. “How hard would it be to mail out stickers to everyone who has voted? If I am elected next time, everyone will have an ‘I Voted’ sticker. I think ¬†that’s a message everyone¬†can get behind”

Elections for Summit County clerk will next be held in 2018.