Summit County Council Vows to Ride Bus

On November 8, citizens will vote on approving a sales tax to increase bus funding. This funding will be used to convince citizens of Park City and Snyderville Basin to ride buses to work, ski, and shop around the Basin. As part of this effort, the Summit County Council is putting it’s mouth where its pen is. If passed, members of the County Council have committed to ride public transportation from their homes or place of businesses to and from each county council meeting during the next four years.

Earlier this year, the Summit County Council voted to put a measure on the ballot which enabled citizens to vote on whether they wanted increased taxes to fund public transportation. Council Chairman Roger Armstrong said, “The two propositions also complement each other by funding strategic roadway improvements and accommodate and enhance expanded transit services.This comprehensive plan has been developed to solve regional problems with a strategic, proactive, and forward-thinking approach. Therefore, should this initiative pass,  I commit myself and my family to ride the bus whenever I, or my family, travel within the the Snyderville Basin.”

Likewise, Tal Adair, the only commissioner from the Eastern part of Summit County, has pledged his support as well. “I plan on riding the new bus from Kamas to Park City for every meeting at the Richins building in the Snyderville Basin. While I’ll probably need to book a room at the Holiday Inn for each County Council meeting, since runs to Kamas at 11PM won’t be feasible, I still think there is no better idea than buses. I’m sure it will work great.”

Overall, the County Council seems thrilled at the idea of utilizing additional buses. Outgoing County Council Member Claudia McMullin recently said, “I have multiple business destinations throughout the Basin that I need to attend to each day. There’s no better way for me to visit each location, each morning, than riding the bus.” McMullin continued, “It may take three times as long to get to my roasterie or Hugo, but I know that I’m doing the right thing by riding the bus.”

Overall, the council seems committed to show the community that it is putting its best foot forward. Long time County Council Member Chris Robinson said, “If we as a council aren’t walking the walk, why would anyone else follow us?” That’s especially true with a new multi-million bus complex constructed less than 100 feet from where the council meets.

So, as this initiative moves forward, look forward to meeting your elected representatives on a bus near you.